optimised for high speed camera recordings

optimised for high speed camera recordings


High power LED Light – optimised for high speed camera recordings.

  • Cold-light source
    • keeps device under test (DUT) at its own temperature
  • Day-light source featuring color spectrum of sun light
    • Approx. 6,000 Kelvin color temperature
  • Reaching brightness of the sun at 12:00 noon time (at equator elevation)
    • approx. 125,000 Lux illuminance in 1 meter distance
  • Narrow spot beam width achieved by highly efficient optics
    • approx. 24° spot beam (full angle)
  • Uniform illumination of the scenery
    • flicker free light in premium quality
  • Power and resources saving
    • only 395 Watts electrical driving power
  • Water and dust proof housing
    • protection class IP67
  • Space-saving mounting in the lab and at the stage
    • compact dimensions (approx. 330 x 250 x 290 mm (L x W x H), w/o bracket)
    • manageable weight (approx. 22 kg)


Photometric data

Light beam in carthesian coordinates

Lichtkegel in karthesischen Koordinaten

Light beam in polar coordinates

Lichtkegel in Polarkoordinaten

Illuminance in lux, opening angle and illuminated area

Measured by:

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Application example

3 pieces of LED light and 1x high-speed camera, each in additional housing to protect against environmental influences.
Height adjustable via electric lifting column
For easy alignment, movably mounted on rollers