Ammunition test on performance, quality and lifetime from .22 rimfire to 40 mm according NATO (EPVAT) and CIP standard

  • Ensuring your forces to be equipped with ammo that is best performing and maximally safe in operation
  • Proving to the purchase department the most important parameters of ammo which are under scope of supply, like:
    • gas pressure
    • action time
    • muzzle velocity
    • target velocity
    • accuracy at target distance
  • Ammo lots exceeding the maximum allowed gas pressure can easily be identified and sorted out, thus preventing personel from being harmed by malfunction
  • Enabling effectively checking on received deliveries, if they keep the quality standard and ammo parameters as described by the manufacturer
  • Providing you a simple and effective end of life cycle management for the ammo in stock, leading to optimized usage of stock and purchase cycles
  • All measurement results are stored and documented in a PC for easy comparison and documentation purposes


ammunition test

Bullet Speed, Grouping and max. Gas Pressure – safety first!