Flare guns, alarm weapons and pepper guns as well as fitting ammunition need a certification before selling them into the market:

e.g. for Germany via the PTB or proof house institutes respectively by comparable authorities for the european or worldwide market.

During development and quality assurance comparable tests are carried out as for the certification process, e.g.:

  • Max. gas pressure measurement
  • Bullet trajectory and impact point (for flare guns)

The following requirements are important for the test and measurement setup:

  • Covering various calibers for the gas pressure measurement channel by only one universal weapon setup
    • ‚one size fits all‘
    • With remote firing of course – for best user safety
  • Precise acquisition of bullet trajectory and impact point of flare gun projectiles
    • Bullet trajectory measurement via laser setup
    • Recognition of possible tumbling or slanted flying bullets

Pyrotechnic emergency signals

Search and rescue – when it really matters
Pyrotechnic emergency signals with proven quality