Bullet recovery solution up to caliber .50 BMG

  • Supporting forensic analysis of fired bullets
  • Catching bullets without any damage – even recovered hollow tip bullets will still keep their forensic important attributes
  • Decreasing investigation time and increasing result reliability with ease and simplify forensic analysis
  • Recovering bullets optimally prepared for usage with forensic comparison microscope
  • Performance of recovery system highly improved compared to conventional bullet recovery systems, like water tanks
  • Bullets are stopped in several layers of fleece
    • shoot bullet into fleece
    • extract bullet by opening the top cover of the system
  • Fleece layers are easy to exchange
  • Clean in operation – quick in service



Sensitive bullets, e.g. hollow tip bullets, are stopped damage free by using the bullet recovery system.

9x19 mm with GDHP bullet

9 x 19 mm with GDHP bullet (gold dot hollow point)

.357 Mag. with GDHP bullet

.357 Mag. with GDHP bullet (gold dot hollow point)

.22 lr high velocity

.22 lr ‚high velocity‘ with lead hollow tip bullet (copper plated)

.22 lr subsonic

.22 lr ‚subsonic‘ with lead hollow tip bullet