Sorting of ammunition with expanded shelf life

Ammunition kept on stock for a long while often shows defects, like:

  • Oxidation of cartridge, bullet or primer (especially: dezincification of brass)
  • Damp wood, cardboard or paper packages
  • Dents, deep scratches or slanted bullet tips

Not necessarily all ammunition with expired shelf life must be wasted. When applying a fitting inspection mechanism there appear three categories for sorting:

  • A: good condition, re-pack and put on stock again
  • B: signs of ageing visible – but still good for training purposes
  • C: heavy defects – demilitarize, discard / apply recycling methods to get back raw materials

The sorting is applied fully automatic by means of optical inspection.
The sorting speed is much higher compared to manuell inspection.
Depending on the system design, the speed reaching up to 300 to 500 cartridges per minute.

Moreover, the inspection result is available with repeatable accuracy and will not vary over time (for manual inspection a tendential increasing failure rate may appear towards shift end).


Examination of ammunition for manufacturing defects, shelfwear and metal oxidation.

ammunition filled in bunker
ammunition to be processed is filled into bunker
ammunition sorting process
Ammunition is alignned and separated prior to the inspection process