Ballistics Test & Measurement Solutions

  • Civil armored cars – always on duty

    Certified protection class by lifelike impact testing

  • Armored transport vehicles – when your valuables are on travel

    Certified protection class by lifelike impact testing

  • Search and rescue – when it really matters

    Pyrotechnic emergency signals with proven quality

  • Laminated safety glass – the invisible protection

    Glas packages withstanding various threats

  • Concealable body armor – tough not only in daily business

    Certifying your protection class tailored body armor

  • Concealable body armor

    Body armor and bullets after impact testing

Civil armored cars

Civil armored cars,
always on duty.

Certified protection class by lifelike impact testing.


Armored transport vehicles

Armored transport vehicles,
when your valuables are on travel.

Certified protection class by lifelike impact testing.


Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass,
the invisible protection.

Glas packages withstanding various threats.


Our test and measurement solutions ensure armed forces worldwide receive high performance products with tested safety.

From testing the protection class of body armor, helmets and armored vehicles, evaluating maximum gas pressure of ammunition and measuring bullet speed, up to grouping analysis of small arms weapons.

Especially for test runs, applying challenging climatic conditions – the products of Rubinum Engineering serve our customers as reliable and accurate test and measurement setup.

Use our solutions for the development of new products, the evaluation of datasheet parameters during a purchase process, or for escorting your product life cycle in service and maintenance.

System solutions for ammunition processing including optical quality inspection as well as support of forensic stereo microscopy; complete the product range for our customers.